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Played this on my Retroflag Gpi. My fingers hurt, and I loved every minute of it!!

Fantastic music too!


Art is absolutely incredible. Planning a mobile store release too?


This game’s art is amazing. The team who made the game should pat themselves on the back


im using a 3ds who else is


the .gb file doesn't start on the Everdrive-GBA X5 (other .gb homebrews work perfectly fine)


Fantastic game for the gbc! Physical version is great, fantastic music too. I got a question anyway... 

The saving on tobu tobu girl deluxe does not work on gbc. We cannot keep our scores and each time I turn on the machine, everything has to be redone ...

Is that normal? 


Hi k4motrine.

Thanks for the kind words!

That is definitely not supposed to be the case. Your progress should automatically be saved between session regardless of which console you're playing on.

Try contacting First Press Games and let them know. They should be able to help you.

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Oh, okay 

Thank you! 

edit: it was just the battery :p

I just received my physical copy. This game is absolutely amazing! It's a wonderful addition to my growing collection


Fantastic graphics!

Hey, amazing game! Could you consider providing a digital version of the game manual (even if it is just the information already on this page) ? I understand if not possible. Thanks and good job!

Hi Marcos! Thanks!

We do not own the rights to the manual for the deluxe version so we unfortunately cannot make it available digitally.

Ok, thanks!

Isn't it your game, though? You should own your own game's manual.

may u know, this one person is not the owner of the entire game, i believe there are many developers

So nostalgic, love it <3